About Me:

As this website is all about me you'd think that an about me page is redundant but convention dictates that a website must have a about me page, so here it is. I apologise in advance for those of you who have already looked at the header section above & the home page this will be pretty much the same just worded differently.


Let start at the beginning: 

I was born July 4th 1981 at the Leicester Royal Infirmary well over a month premature weighing just 4.3lbs which I've more than compensated for over the years. Despite this I've been told that I was extremely vocal which led my parents to saying wow every time I opened my mouth (it was the 80's) as a result they decided to name me William Oliver Wheat or W O W.  So if you were wondering why my web address is wowweb.me.uk now you know why not because I think I'm sensational (that's the Oxford dictionary's definition) but it's simply my initials.

Let's hit the fast forward button...

I'll skip past my school and my teenage years they're not that interesting or entertaining unless you like coming up with nicknames associated with a person’s last name, in my case that was Wheatabix or Shredded Wheat. After college I was undecided about what to do one day I was going to college then nothing. I couldn't afford to go to university so I spent the next couple of months just lounging around at home. That was until my dad came up to me and said he'd had enough of me just sitting around all day watching TV, if I wasn't going to get a job then I would have to come and work for him at his garden centre. I wonder if even he realised that by dragging me in to the garden centre he would be stuck with me for the next twelve years, probably not. 


Plants, compost & the occasional Christmas tree

Although I'd been working at the garden centre on Saturday's for the past couple of years that in no way prepared my for working there full time,  Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm though I did get to go home for my lunch break. Talk about a wakeup call still I did get me out of the house and over the next couple of months I got used to the routine.  About eight months later the owner of the garden centre wanted to take a less active role in the company so he asked my farther to take over running the of garden centre while he went into semiretirement. By this time I could tell the difference between a primrose and a polyanthus and stand out plants in neat strait rows on the greenhouse benches (technical stuff this plant growing). My first ever IT orientated task for the new company was to update the computer in the office so that all of the company's accounts and documents could be computerised. Little did I know that this was the start of bringing IT to the company starting with designing a new company logo, setting up and creating computerised plant labels, laying out adverts and building a website for the garden centre.

New site, new garden centre, new challenges

After seven years the site the garden centre was situated on was sold for building so we moved to a new site taking over an existing garden centre next to the A47 between Leicester and Uppingham. We renamed the centre to Wheats County Garden Centre and a new chapter began. For the first couple of years the garden centre grew (no pun intended) but when news of the banking collapse in late 2007 dispute our best efforts in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and diversified we were unable to of set the loss of retail sales over the following three years. At the start of 2012 we closed the doors for the final time after trying to keep the business going through very difficult times.

Taking a year out & making career choices

After working seven days a week for the past 3 years with only a few weeks holiday I decided to take a year out to recharge, reflect a nd figure out what I wanted to do. Spending most of my time with my family, reading, training at the gym, a couple of holidays and of course playing on my Xbox more than I dare to admit. Eventually I came to decide that if there was one thing I really know about is technology, specifically IT, Web design and office applications. The drawback of course is even though I know a lot about IT and in general technology I didn’t have much in the way of qualifications and work experience.

Back to school





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