Hi, I'm Will Wheat

I love technology especially IT & the Web, so after working in the family garden centre for 12 years I decided to start a new career is a field that I’m really passionate about. Take a look & learn a little more about me

The Beginning:

It’s a big decision changing careers, learning new skills and knowledge while applying you existing experience and qualifications and hoping you’ve made the right choice. So why did I choose IT as a new career? Well that’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot this past year.

The Short Answer:

I’ve always had a passion for IT and technology in general from a very young age playing games on my Amiga 500 or drawing shapes using Turtle on the BBC Basic computer, I was fascinated by what computers could do. From that point forward I was hooked and I’ve never been without a computer since. The long answer well you’ll just have to read my About Me page to find out more.

A website from the gound up:

More and more these days’ traditional ways of doing things are being replaced with digital versions, with CVs and Portfolios being no exception. Potential employees are now setting up sites like this to showcase what they can do and not just show that they can build a website though if you’re going into web design it certainly helps.

I wanted to create this site not only to show of my qualifications and experience but also to have a website that’s styled by me and not one which has been created by someone else. Though that’s not to say that this site will ever be completed, there are always new ideas, new developments and just “why did I do that” type of things.

So this site was coded by me from the ground up using Microsoft Expression Web 4, Paint.Net, A paper pad & a pen. The only things that are not my work are the twitter feed in the sidebar and the basic JavaScript Lightbox/ WordPress Feed which I then customised to fit into my site.

So that’s a little bit about me……

If I’ve peaked you interest then take a look around and find out more about me and what I can do. If you would like to get in touch there are links to various social media sites I’m connected with or there’s a contact me page with an easy fill form to send me an e-mail. Thanks for looking at me and my work





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